Pictures are worth a 1000 words in emails too

If, like me, you get a lot of newsletters in your inbox every day, then you’re probably quite picky about how you allocate your time to reading them. Busy days can mean a lot more rapid deletions than normal, and so it takes something special to keep hold of your attention.

There’s a place for word-heavy mailings, if the subject demands them, and you want to convey a lot of things (that you think your audience will want to digest) there and then, as opposed to sending them off elsewhere for the bulk of the consumption.

There’s definitely a skill in the designing of a template, right down to the headings and fonts used to break up the material and make it easy to consume, most likely in bite-size chunks.

And then there’s the strong case to be made for skipping the words and letting the pictures do the talking – if your subject matter and your imagery is strong enough.

A good case in point this week were the latest mail shots I received from Visit Wales and VisitScotland, both places I’ve been before many times, both places I’ll definitely go again at some point, and so subject matter of interest, but maybe not of pressing concern this [busy] week with no plans for an imminent holiday or mini-getaway [sadly].

But both of them caught my eye, and kept me scrolling, and were mini digital/email works of art in themselves. True, I’m over the line as a self-declared email opener and with a favourable disposition towards the senders. Yet I am busy.

So grab my eye with a lovely picture of a trendy camper van in the Welsh countryside, and an eclectic colourful mix of castles, puffins, seashores and shops. I defy you not to look and want to click for more info.

Similarly, VisitScotland headlined with a Loch Tay canoeing scene, nicely overlaid with inspiring text; and a simple block layout with enticing thumbnails and eye-catching headings and text snapshots.

It’s not rocket science, but you’d be surprised how many people still get something so simple so very wrong – and miss a massive opportunity with every bulk send as a result.

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