Bit of a surprise > ‘Mobile snuck up on publishers’

A panel of experts from the Guardian, the Financial Times, BBC and Twitter discussed the key findings in Reuters Institute’s latest Digital News Report in London today

Source: Aron Pilhofer: ‘Mobile snuck up on publishers’ | Media news

Bit of a surprise to see how this was framed on although the time context isn’t clear.

What is clear is that mobile use is on the up and up, and with responsive designs becoming better and more prevalent, users will start browsing their way to great timely content just as much as they hit it via mobile apps.

Expect that to be pushed as a result of new responsive designs being unveiled by major-traffic sites such as BBC Sport – who have a BETA version of their new Cricket homepage and Rugby counterpart out there now ahead of major traffic upsurges this summer/autumn for the Ashes and Rugby World Cup. Not quick as slick as BBC News but you’d expect the progressive responsive rollout across to see more people taking to their browsers on smartphone and tablet rather than to always default to the News and Sport apps.

Better mobile web presences allow media owners to push more effectively via their social channels too, without broken links and unsatisfactory user journeys caused by desktop-mobile site structure incompatibility.

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