Content to make you visible online

Video is increasingly the most important form of content you can carry on your website and social media channels.

Words convey the detail, the background information; photos and graphics help illustrate that; but sometimes a video captures everything you want to get across perfectly.

If you need production and editing services, I can help you. Depending on your requirements and resources, I can manage and produce everything, or help you find a local production specialist in Brentwood or your area of the UK.

And then integrate the finished product into your website, Facebook channel, Twitter stream, Instagram channel, Periscope app, YouTube channel, or Vimeo channel.

I have experience in the following areas of video production to deliver maximum impact and audience engagement across all platforms:

- producing and overseeing the production of corporate promotional videos

- script writing for both corporate promos and features

- managing live video streaming from events

- sports event highlights

- on-demand features

  • setting up and managing YouTube channels
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