Social Media

Find new audiences on the best social media channels for you

As a business starting out on social media Brentwood can be a difficult enough place to find your audience - let alone into Essex, across England, and beyond globally.

I can help you launch and manage your presence on the right social media channels for you - to drive engagement with your potential customers and provide constant expansion and return on investment: on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, audioBoom, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, etc...

It's all about ensuring you use the right social media channels in the right way - to get to your potential new audience, engage with them and bring them to your door.... to buy your goods or services.

Social Media Brentwood Julian Goode

Strategy for social

Whatever your size of business, in the Brentwood area where I live, or beyond, I can spend time with you to assess your requirements and put together a social media strategy.

A social media strategy is vital for your business to thrive, get new customers and build relationships.

If you're active on social already, then you've laid the foundations - but think about how much more you could gain if you did it properly, consistently, professionally... and working to a properly conceived plan.

Don't continue to struggle and miss an opportunity; get some professional help, and focus time instead on other core business activities.

Engaging your audience

I can write the content to make you more visible online: and that's not just general copywriting and blogging on your website, there is plenty of expertise required in crafting 280-character Tweets, Facebook posts, and other social media content.

Part of the battle is producing engaging social media content to exploit and maximise marketing, communications and commercial opportunities across all your channels.

The other part is publishing it in the right way, at the right times - and continuing beyond that to engage in conversations with relevant audiences to increase your following on the most important social media channels, and make social media an increasingly valuable resource for your business.

I can use social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to manage your channels and publish efficiently to bring you great value for the actual time spent drafting and publishing social content.