Writer and sub-editor

I have a huge variety of experience in my career as a journalist, editor and sub-editor - both in traditional media and in online journalism.

I have written news, features on all manner of subjects, business profiles, entertainment pieces, theatre and cinema reviews - and then spent many years as a sports journalist covering football, cricket, golf, tennis, rugby union and more besides.

Most recently I have written as a freelance for Essex Life magazine, and worked as a freelance sub-editor for the Financial Times' How To Spend It magazine.

I am available to research and write feature articles from my home in Brentwood, or to work as a freelance sub-editor on newspapers and magazines.

Journalism Brentwood Julian Goode

Editorial skills

In addition to straight news reporting, sports event coverage and feature writing, I have considerable experience editing newspapers and working as a sub-editor on newspapers, magazines and websites.

If you need contract or short-term assistance with sub-editing and editing tasks for your newspaper or magazine, business, charity or education organisation website, email newsletters, or trade platform or publication, please get in touch.

I am also available for proof-reading and copywriting for any kind of offline or online publication - either working from home in Brentwood, or from your offices in the Essex or London area - with accuracy, attention to minor details and the ability to quickly grasp complex subject matters.

Online journalism expertise

Although trained as a journalist and sub-editor in traditional local print media, I have extensive experience working as a writer and sub-editor for a national news agency wire service - and then 20 years working in online journalism.

From being launch Editor for the original website, I had two decades working in new media in cricket; both writing and editing content myself, and recruiting and training a team of journalists to produce rolling news coverage and features.

I am familiar with many different content management systems, and able to work as a contract content manager for websites and intranets within any sphere and industry - perhaps as cover for short-term staff absences, or to bolster staffing during difficult content migrations or content implementations.