Email Marketing

Writing and building newsletters

As part of your content strategy and overall marketing strategy, I can help you use email marketing to connect with your existing and new customers - and drive increased take-up of your goods, services, offers, events and activities.

As part of my role on the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce executive committee I currently manage their email marketing.

And I can help you increase your open rates and value from click-throughs to your website; by ensuring you use cost-effective email solutions, and build well-designed emails with engaging and well-structured content.

Email Marketing Brentwood Julian Goode

Email integration

By email integration, I mean both integration into your existing website set-up - so you can drive sign-ups from there, as well as via your social media channels - and integration into your overall marketing plans.

I can help you add newsletter sign-up functionality into your WordPress website, and manage the data and the email campaigns via powerful email tools that plug in like MailChimp. Or I can run MailChimp as a standalone email system, or use another application such as Constant Contact.

If you have email marketing on your marketing to-do list but don't have the hands in-house to manage it, or want to build campaigns and newsletter mailshots into your short-term campaigns or marketing strategy, then please get in touch.

Send successful emails

How many newsletters do you receive every week that you do no more than glance at, because of how badly put together they are, and how uninspiring the content and design is.

I can help you write better content, and then design and edit your email newsletters and campaign mailouts to make sure they get noticed in your contacts' inboxes.

Creating an e-newsletter people actually read and interact with requires some best practice implementation - by tweaking subject lines, not overdoing the promotional aspects, keeping the design simple but appealing... and a few other techniques I'd be happy to help you with.