Digital Consultancy Brentwood

Improving your online presence

Digital consultancy sounds pretty grand - but what it means, simply, is working with a Brentwood-based specialist in digital marketing and media to audit and evaluate your existing set-up. You want to know how good your current website is, how well you are using social media - if at all - and what you could do better.

Depending on the size of your business and your needs, this could be as basic as looking at what you currently have and preparing a report with recommendations for improvement.

Or it could include more technical analysis, detailed examination of the analytics for your website, and social media channel insights - working towards the preparation of a digital strategy, a content strategy, or a social media strategy.

Digital Consultancy Brentwood Julian Goode

Consultancy with DigitalMode

I am co-founder with colleague Mark Morrell of DigitalMode - helping businesses make that elusive digital breakthrough.

We can work with you - wherever you are based in the UK - to audit and improve your websites and all digital services, drive your vision, reflection and strategic direction – and from there plan your digital strategy and steer required change management.

Managing your digital channels to sustain the improvements, DigitalMode will help you engage new customers using different ways to communicate, showing the benefits you will gain with tangible examples. Improving the satisfaction of your customers - the aim is increasing the growth of your business. Visit for further information and for an initial discussion of your digital consultancy requirements.

Moving you forwards

If you have limited resources in-house, managing a website design for your business, setting up social media channels, or getting a mobile app developed, can seem like daunting tasks that you struggle to dedicate time towards.

I can provide hands-on project management - which could simply be finding an agency in Brentwood or your local area to do the job for you; or run an RFP (request for proposal) or supplier tender process against your requirements.

I have industry-wide contacts with suppliers in web design, SEO, marketing, video production, photography, graphic design – in Brentwood, London and across the UK - and can put together a team to satisfy all your needs, local or national.