The right words, in the right place

It is vital that your website carries the right information about you and your business. So if you think you need some copywriting help when refreshing or rebuilding your site, ask yourself some questions:

Is your content accurate? Is it well-written? Is it relevant? Is it in the right place on your site? Is it structured so that people will find your site via search engines?

You may only get one shot at convincing a visitor to your homepage or elsewhere on your site to transact with you - whatever the goods and services you have to offer.

I can write the content to make you visible online: homepage and general website content, writing your blogs, news articles, Tweets, Facebook posts and other social media content...

copywriting Brentwood Julian Goode

Telling your story

You know what works when you visit a website - content that grabs your attention, and quickly and concisely gets a point across. In other words, it tells the story in an informative (and possibly entertaining) way.

With 10 years as a journalist, and two decades producing content for websites, social media, email and mobile apps I can help you identify the right way to tailor your copywriting to the delivery channel in question.

And also, identify the right digital channel you should use for each message you want to communicate.

Good copywriting for consistent content

Whether you have a style guide for your business or not, you need to make sure there is a consistent portrayal of your business brand across your digital content.

But there's still room for subtle changes of copywriting tone and style to match different social media channels and the specific audience you are communicating with or trying to attract - perhaps varying it for a specific campaign, or a certain grouping of content, or section of your website.

Please get in touch, and make sure your story is told in an integrated and effective way across your website, social media channels and email marketing.